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Our aim is to provide consumers with an easy, reliable and objective way to compare energy suppliers in The Netherlands. The result was overwhelming.

Thousands of consumers used our website

Thousands of consumers have used to find the energy deal that was best for them. We are proud of this result, but our work never stops. We keep on developing our website. For example, in addition to energy tariffs, you can now also compare energy suppiers on their customer service. We now also show how sustainable the gas and electricity products are. Besides saving money, you can also reduce your carbon footprint! Curious to find out how you can save on your energy bill? Start comparing energy deals now.

Up to date and no nonsence

We negotiate with suppliers to get you the best energy deals. Often, you can not get these exclusive energy deals at the suppliers, but only through comparison websites. We always want to get you the best advise possible, to get you that deal that fits your needs. If you decide to choose for a energy deal through our website, we receive a commission from the energy supplier. In this way, we can offer our services to you for free.

Special expat services

Being the only Dutch energy comparison website written in English, we can probably help you better than most other energy comparison websites. We have translated the whole site for everyone who can not read the Dutch language. Unfortunately there is not one energy supplier who will communicate their energy related mail in English. That is where we come in handy. Besides helping you pick the best, cheapest or greenest energy supplier, we will translate everything the new (and old) supplier will communicate in Dutch!

Questions about our services? We look forward to helping you find the best energy deal!

In the media

Here you'll find an list of articels and items that have appeared, in which is mentioned. Have you seen in the media? Please click here to contact us.

I Am Expat: How to: The Dutch energy market

June 19 2013

"In this article you will find everything you need to know about the Dutch energy market." An article by Bart Beekhuizen. 

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What others say

Switching your energy contract through a good and reliable energy comparison website. That is our mission. After online application, we ask our users to give us a review. Reviews on our website can help other users. We ask a few questions to figure out if what we can approve and if the switchers are satisfied. You can read the switchting experiences below.

Switching experiences

Name: Bianca van der Have
Age: 28 years
Residence: Vlaardingen
Family size: 3 persons
Experience: 'I always thought it was such a hassle, but it was done within 10 minutes!’ 
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Name: Yvonne van de Mosselaar
Residence: Barcelona
(almost to the Netherlands)
Family size: 1 person
Experience: 'I had contact immediately and wasn’t put in hold like so many other companies with their terrible waiting music.’
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Would you like to share your experience with others? Please do contact us. Would you like to say something about our website, comparing energy suppliers, a high energy bill or are you considering solar panels? You can contact us via this page. Many people may think that switching or applying for an energy contract is a hassle. Sharing your experience can convince other people to switch energy supplier or contract and save hundreds of euros!