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In the previous you saw an overview of all suppliers, but not an overview of the electricity prices and gas prices of the Dutch energy suppliers. To see the energy prices, you will have to make an energy comparison based on your (future) postal code, house number and existing or estimated usage values. It is the best possible way to choose an energy supplier, because you can see total prices including all costs. Based on the usage you have calculated with, you will see full amounts per year and per month.

Applying after coming to the Netherlands

If you are moving or recently moved to the Netherlands, it is a reason for you to apply for an energy supplier. The cheapest way is to apply through an energy comparison website like ours. We will arrange everything for you then and provide you with English information and support before, during and after the application. If you want to discover the Dutch energy market yourself, you can consult this page about energy in the Netherlands.

Switching energy suppliers

If you already live in the Netherlands, but if you think you are paying too much for the energy supply, you can compare energy suppliers with your current supplier. In almost all cases switching suppliers is cheaper then sticking with your current energy supplier. Make sure you fill in your actual energy usage to compare accurately. You can find the actual usage by looking at the annual energy bill or by contacting your current supplier to ask for the usage. Another word for usage is consumption, please be aware that those terms are the same. Switching energy suppliers can result in savings up to €280,- per year.

How to compare: tips and tricks

There are a few things you can base your choice on. Price is for most people the most important factor for picking a supplier, but we also show the sustainability of an energy product on our website. If you care for the environment it is something to look at. If you are not satisfied with your current supplier for any possible reason, you can also switch. We also show the ratings per supplier so you can see which one is seen as a good supplier and which one is considered to be not that good. For specific information about a supplier you can always contact one of our coaches by dialing 088 1100 888.

Differences between energy suppliers

Electricity en gas are no shoes. Electricity and gas are products that appear only in one substance. Which means you can not choose for a better quality or for a different colour. Maybe you are asking yourself what differences can be between the Dutch energy suppliers. I will explain what choices you have, to make the best possible choice.

Green or grey?

Though the quality is the same, you can think green and pick an energy supplier who generates the energy in an environmental friendly way. All generated electricity in the Netherlands will be put together in the electricity network under the ground. This means that you will always get a mix of green and grey energy. By choosing green electricity the part you have used must be generated by the supplier you choose in an environmetal friendly way. For exmaple, if everyone in the Netherlands wants green energy, the suppliers need to change their ways of generating electricity at the moment and they have to provide everyone green electricity. The prices do not differ that much between green and grey. Please make a comparison to find out what suits you best.

Cashback or low tariffs?

Some suppliers choose for high cashback discounts, others for low tariffs. Based on your preferences you can choose for one of them. For lower usages it is attractive to choose for a cashback discount, because it will cause a lower yearly amount than choosing for low tariffs. And the other way around of course. Please be aware that choosing for lower tariffs will cause a lower monthly installment, because cashbacks are mostly given to you on the annual energy bill (so mostly at the end of the contract). Please try an energy comparison to find the best energy deal that we offer.

Terms of energy contracts

When you look at an energy contract through our website, we will show you the most important terms in the description. The attached terms are always in Dutch unfortunately. This is because Dutch energy suppliers will always correspond in Dutch. Please watch the most important terms of a contract which are: the duration of the contract, the consequences when you cancel the contract before the end date, when you will receive a possible cashback and if you are choosing for fixed or variable tariffs. Fixed tariffs are known to be cheaper than the variable ones and the variable tariffs can change twice a year within the duration of the energy contract.


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