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About energy contracts

Here you will find everything about energy contracts. What happens after your energy contract? Do I need to pay a penalty if I termine the contract? What to do with two contracts? It is important information so that you do not have to pay more than necessary to get electricity and gas. Need more information about energy contracts in the Netherlands after reading the text below? Please dial +31 (0)88 1100 888. 

What happens when your energy contract ends?

No worries. You will never be disconnected when your energy contract ends. In all cases, you will be switched automatically to the standard contract of your energy supplier. Normally, this contract has higher gas & electricity prices. These are also variable, which means that the provider is allowed to adjust the prices every 6 months, to stay in line with the energy market. The standard contract of a supplier can be cancelled at any time, without any cost. This means that you can switch to a cheaper energy contract if you think the prices are too high.

Standard contract can be cancelled at any time

After the end of your fixed term energy contract, you are automatically switched to the standard contract of your energy provider. You can cancel at any time and at no cost, if you find beter energy deal elsewhere. Thousands of consumers use the free energy comparison service on this website to switch to the best offer every year. This is how they save hundreds of euros per year on their energy bill.

Cancellation fees and fines

If you don't know whether or not you can cancel your current energy contract, simply contact us and we will find out for you. We check when your current energy contract expires and ensure that you never unnecessarily pay a cancellation fee or fine. Many energy suppliers even pay possible cancellation fees when you switch to them. However, in some cases also the discounts or cashbacks of your current energy contract will be withdrawn when you cancel before the end of the contract.

The penalty you will get from the old energy supplier depends on the end date of your current energy contract. For instance, if your contract ends within 1,5 years the penalty is €50 per product (so €50 for electricity and €50 for gas). See all fines below categorised by the remanining contract period. 

  • < 1,5 years: €50 per product
  • 1,5 years - 2 years: €75 per product
  • 2 years - 2,5 years: €100 per product
  • >2,5 years: €125 per product

Two energy contracts for electricity and gas

If you have two contracts for electricity and gas with different contract end dates, simply contact us and we will make sure both contracts are cancelled at the right time. We forward your application free of charge to the new supplier. Your new supplier will take care of the switch on the correct dates. During the switch you will never be cut off from electricity and gas.