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How to find a Dutch energy supplier

Applying for gas and electricity of a Dutch energy supplier is simple on this website. Annual savings of up to 400 euros can be achieved. This is how it works.

1. Enter postcode, housenumber and energy usage

Uitleg stap 1, invoeren postcode en gezinsgrootte

Our comparison tool will generate a list of the best, cheapest or greenest energy contracts. All based on your personal situation.


2. Compare energy deals

Uitleg stap 2, resultaten in prijslijst

The result list automatically shows the top-3 cheapest energy suppliers. You can now add filters to further personalise the energy contracts.


3. Submit application and save!

Uitleg stap 3, stap over en bespaar

After you find the energy contract that best fits your personal situation, just submit the application form to us. We will forward it to the selected energy supplier. That's how simple it is.

Can I switch now?

Yes! With you can switch to a new energy supplier now. First, you want to find out which energy supplier is best for you. This website offers an easy-to-use service to compare energy suppliers on energy prices, sustainability and customer service. Free of charge. During the switch you won't get cut off from electricity and gas. Contact us for any questions, we are here to help. See how much you can save on your energy bill.

Why use to switch energy suppliers?

There are several reasons to switch through this energy comparison website. The two best reasons are because it is cheaper than applying directly on the supplier's website and we will always help you in English instead of the Dutch services energy suppliers provide you. You will find the complete list of the benefits below:


 Cheaper than applying on supplier's website

 Free, independent and English support and advice

 Comparison of sustainable energy

 Comparison of customer ratings

 No paperwork, just an online application service

 We know all the terms of all the energy suppliers