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Gas and electricity when moving to The Netherlands

Welcome to the Netherlands! In some cases, the utilities (gas and electricity) are already connected when you move into a house in The Netherlands. You just need to transfer them to your name. This is an ideal opportunity to shop around on this website, and potentially save hundreds of euros. Energy suppliers place special energy deals on this website, offering the lowest available electricity and gas prices. In a few simple steps you can subscribe directly. Please see our how it works pages for further information. Or you can start comparing energy deals now, by clicking the below button.

What is expected of me?

There are some things you need to know for picking a new energy supplier in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands all houses are connected to electricity and gas. It is your responsibily to choose an energy supplier as soon as possible. If you do not apply for an energy supplier when you already live in the house, your grid operator has the right to cut the energy off. Please do not be scared. Your grid operator gives you enough time to apply for an energy supplier and by calling us on our free phone number (0800 25 111 55 or +31 (0)20 261 0075 from abroad) we can tell you what the exact steps are for each energy supplier. We take care of the application and the paperwork for you if you want and we make sure you will not get cut off. 

The moment you will receive the keys of the new house is also the moment to write down the meter readings with the date you have written them down. Those meter readings are the ones you will have to give to the new supplier once they ask for it. The meter readings are important, because that is the point from which the energy supplier will charge you the energy usage. 

Moving within the Netherlands

If you switch houses within the Netherlands it is also possible to choose the best energy deal for the new house. In almost all cases it is cheaper to pick a new energy supplier when you move within the Netherlands. On the application form of you simply indicate that you will move house. Your application is automatically forwarded to your new energy supplier. Your new supplier will now take care of the rest. You do have to actively cancel your current contract when you move house. During the switch, your new energy supplier can answer all your questions ur just contact us, we are also here to help.

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